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    Enterprise Spirit:
    Mutual cooperation, the team spirit in spite of great difficulties.
    Tenacious struggles, the professional spirit of selfless dedication.
    Seeking truth, the scientific spirit of keeping improving.
    To be the first, the innovative spirit of keeping pace with the time.


    Work Style: Rigor, pragmatic, efficient, innovation
    Preciseness is to create a harmonious, orderly, and ordered working atmosphere;
    Pragmatic refers to require employees to assiduous, down-to-earth work start from the daily routines, achieving perfect;
    Efficiency refers to require employees to be strict with oneself, with a strong sense of time, the concept of teamwork, to improve the efficiency of the whole;
    Innovation means science and technology as a fundamental, constantly study and continues to create new ideas and new production.


    Enterprise Values:
    Strict standard, creating high-quality goods values.
    Pragmatic integrity, scientific and strict management concept.
    People-oriented, credit-oriented service concept.


    Innovation Idea:
    Innovation is a centennial.