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    Talent has opened three channels:
    Everyone is a talent, talent found in every corner of society. In order to give full play to local advantages, while extensively absorb resources around to ensure the leading position Tianyu investment, the company vigorously open channels, recruit more capable:
    1, the majority of graduates colleges
    2, stationed around the headquarters and service center for the community open recruitment
    3, good character reflux staff


    Adhere to the four principles of employment:
    Understand: Understanding, understanding, respect, not only Appreciating the table, but also to potential Appreciating;
    Rongren: create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not demand perfection, allow improved self-discipline;
    Employer: provide a stage to display their abilities for each employee to create learning and development opportunities of self-realization;
    Man: honest, with good people, tolerant person, considerate and avoid internal friction, dedicated, dedicated to the company as their home, with the company of Honor.